Exposure Demographics

CategoryTotal% of Total
 Male141 18952.0
 Female127 91247.1
 Acute241 41088.9
 Acute-on-chronic19 3817.1
No. of products
 1265 07797.6
Route of Exposure
 Ingestion227 07783.6
 Inhalation/Nasal19 5257.2
 Dermal16 3896.0
 Ocular15 2805.6
 Liquid165 14460.8
 Solid (including capsules)29 74711.0
 Cream, lotion, gel27 75310.2
 Aerosol, mist, gas17 6416.5
 Other25 0729.2
Exposure site
 Residence264 78197.5
Caller site
 Residence231 38485.2
 HCF24 6679.1
 Other15 2255.6
Management site
 On site (non-HCF)232 54785.6
 Referred to HCF by PCC10 8324.0
 Already en route/in HCF23 8108.8
Level of HCF care
 Treated/Evaluated and released22 93266.2
 Admitted to non-ICU28078.1
 Admitted to ICU24157.0
 Patient refused/No show15604.5
 Lost to follow-up/Left AMA491414.2
Medical outcome/Clinical effects
 Not followed (nontoxic or minimal effect)172 34363.5
 No effect60 21122.2
 Minor effect22 2138.2
 Moderate effect30661.1
 Major effect4380.2
 Death (including indirect report)730.0
 Unrelated effect74762.8
 Confirmed nonexposure5880.2
 Unable to follow (potentially toxic)51051.9
  • Basic information about all calls is listed. Note that a single exposure may involve multiple formulations and/or routes of exposure. For route of exposure, “other” includes aspiration, otic, vaginal, and rectal. For formulation, “other” includes household items like plants and toys. For exposure and caller site, “other” includes school, public area, workplace, and restaurant. Note that level of care applies only to calls that were referred to or already at an HCF. AMA, against medical advice.