Most Common Scenarios for Therapeutic Error Exposures

Type of Therapeutic ErrorTotal% of TotalGroup Total, %
Quantitative dosing error
 Incorrect dosea19 61619.7
 Confused units of measure10 05310.1
 Incorrect formulation or concentration given/dispensed67836.8
 Dispensing cup error54055.4
 10-fold dosing error50105.047.0
Nonquantitative dosing error
 Inadvertently given medication twice18 53918.6
 Inadvertently given someone else's/wrong medication14 54014.6
 Medication doses given too close together70497.1
 Incorrect dosing route20932.1
 More than 1 product containing same ingredient4270.442.8
 Iatrogenic error32573.3
 Exposure through breastmilk8450.8
 Drug interaction580.110.2
Total99 705100
  • Therapeutic errors were categorized as a quantitative dosing error, nonquantitative dosing error, or other. Calls coded with multiple scenarios were categorized under the most specific scenario.

  • a Incorrect dose indicates a quantitative dosing error that is not described by the other categories.