Demographics, Clinical Features, and Diagnosis of Infants With HPeV Infection Recruited to the ACE Study

CaseMonth of AdmissionAge, d (correcteda)GenderClinical Features: Encephalitis Criteria (Noncriteria)Comorbid: Birth Gestation (wk)NeuroimagingCSF FindingsEEGHospitalization: ICU; Total LOS
1November 20139MLethargy, seizures, fever (irritability, poor feeding, rash, “septic”)NilcU/S normal, MRI abnormalWCC 1, RBC 0, Prot 0.39AbnormalNICU; 13 d
PeV PCR posb,c (genotype 3)
2November 201312 (–2)FLethargy, fever (irritability, rash, diarrhea, poor feeding, “septic”)Ex-prem (35), Ocular dysplasiacU/S normal, MRI abnormalWCC 0, Prot 0.72Not donePICU; 12 d
PeV PCR posb,c (genotype 3)
3December 201353FLethargy, seizures, fever (irritability, poor feed, “septic,” tachycardia, abdominal distension)NilcU/S normalWCC 21 (18 PMN), RBC 29500dNormalNil ICU; 5 d
Prot 0.64 PeV PCR pos
4December 20138FLethargy, seizure, fever (poor feeding, rash)NilcU/S nonspecificWCC 0, Prot 0.77AbnormalNICU; 4 d
PeV PCR pos
5December 201360 (6)FLethargy, seizures, decreased LOC, weakness (irritability, cytopenias, coagulopathy, abdominal distension)Ex-prem (28)MRI abnormalWCC 1, Prot 0.63AbnormalPICU; 12 d
PeV PCR pos
6March 201413 (–1)MLethargy, decreased LOC, seizures (irritability, rash)Ex-prem (35)cU/S normal, MRI abnormalWCC 1, Prot 0.72AbnormalPICU; 7 d
PeV PCR pos
7April 201410FLethargy, seizures, fever (irritability, poor feeding, rash)NilMRI abnormalWCC 5, Prot 0.71AbnormalPICU; 10 d
PeV PCR pos
8 Twin 1June 201432 (11)FLethargy, seizures, fever (irritability, poor feed, vomiting, hepatitis, coagulopathy)Ex-prem (34)cU/S abnormal, MRI abnormalWCC 0, Prot 0.51AbnormalNICU; 11 d
PeV PCR pos
9 Twin 2June 201433 (12)FLethargy, seizures, fever (irritability, poor feed, vomiting, hepatitis, coagulopathy, “septic”)Ex-prem (34)cU/S abnormal, MRI abnormalWCC 6, Prot 0.8Not doneNICU; 12 d
PeV PCR pos
Not definitively categorized
10November 20138FLethargy, fever, (irritability, rash, hepatitis, cytopenias)NilcU/S normalWCC 4, RBC 310, Prot 0.66Not doneNICU; 6 d
PeV PCR pos (genotype 3)
11October 201386FLethargy, fever (irritability, rash, tachycardia)NilcU/S normal,WCC 57 (20 PMN), RBC 132000,d Prot 8.2 PeV PCR posbNot doneNil ICU; 8 d
CT normal
Not encephalitis
12November 201326FFever (irritability, rash)NilMRI “nonspecific”WCC 2, RBC 1850, Prot 0.41Not doneNil ICU; 6 d
PeV PCR pos (genotype 3)
13December 201369MFever (irritability, poor feeding)NilNilWCC 8, RBC 0, Prot 0.24Not doneNil ICU; 4 d
PeV PCR negb
  • cU/S, cranial ultrasound; CT, computed tomography; ex-prem, born at premature gestation; F, female; LOC, level of consciousness; LOS, length of stay; M, male; PeV, parechovirus; PMN, poly-morpho-nuclear cell; Prot, protein (g/L); RBC, red blood cell.

  • a Corrected to 37-weeks’ gestation as term.

  • b Parechovirus PCR also positive in stool.

  • c Norovirus PCR positive in stool.

  • d These CSF WCC considered normal when corrected for RBC in CSF and PMN: total WCC proportions compared in CSF and blood. Adjusted CSF WCC 0 for both cases.