Baseline Characteristics and Response to L-thyroxine Treatment of Congenital Hypothyroidism

Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3
At Diagnosis
 Age (y)
 Height (SD)−7.5−8.1−8.1
 Weight (SD)−11.3−7.3−3.7
 Bone age (y, SDS)(1.3, −13.5)(0.8, −8.6)
 IGF-1 (SD) −1.4a
 IGFBP-3 (SD)−2.3
 Tanner stage (breasts)N/A1N/A
 Tanner stage (testes)1N/A1
 Tanner stage (pubic hair)111
 Testicular vol (mL)2N/A2
 TSH (mU/L)150>50026
 FT4 (ng/dL)Not available0.360.89
At Most Recent Visit 8 y After the Diagnosis and Treatment of CH
 Age (y)22158
 Height (SD)−5.2−2.1−1.3
 Δ height (SDS)
 Wt (SD)−4.7−2.4−2.5
 Bone age (y, SDS)(14, −6.2)(14.5, −0.3)7.4
 IGF-1 (SD) (on GH therapy)0.5b−1.7
 IGFBP-3 (SD)−1.6−2.7
 Tanner stage (breasts)N/A4N/A
 Tanner stage (testes)3N/A1
 Tanner stage pubic hair431
 Testicular vol (mL)12N/A2
 TSH (mU/L)3.8624.41
 FT4 (ng/dL)0.961.031.31
  • FT4, free thyroxine; IGF-1, insulin-like growth factor-1; N/A, not applicable; SDS, SD score.

  • a Before GH therapy.

  • b On GH therapy.