Impact of the Changes in Chlamydia Screening Rates for Adolescent Women Attributable to Alterations in the EMR and to Practice Participation in a Structured Adolescent Medicine LC

VariablePreintervention Screening RatePost-EMR/ Pre-LCPost-EMR/ Post-LC
Screening Rate∆ From Baseline (95% CI)Screening Rate∆ From Baseline (95% CI)
LC152.8%54.5%1.7% (0.1–3.2)66.7%13.9% (13.0–14.8)
LC257.8%61.5%3.7% (2.0–5.3)69.3%11.5% (9.8–13.2)
Non-LC participants58.3%66.1%7.8% (6.8–8.9)
  • As Non-LC participants were not included in the learning communities, these practices have no data for "Post EMR/Post-LC" and are represented by dashes.