Capped Sleep Study Results Before and After System Activation

Preimplantation PSGActivation PSGOne Month After Activation PSG
System settings, VN/A1.1–1.31.3–1.5
Capped AHI, events/h48.510.6a2.5-21.1b
  • N/A, not applicable; PSG, polysomnogram.

  • a Overall AHI while tracheotomy capped.

  • b Overall AHI while tracheotomy was capped with device activated at 1.3–1.5 V was 9.7 events/hour. At 1.3 V the AHI was 21.1 events/hour, at 1.4 V the AHI was 3.7 events/hour, at 1.5 V the overall AHI was 3.4 events/hour (range: 2.5–9.7 events/hour depending on sleep stage and body position).