Number and Percentage of Participants Who Met the 5-Dose DTaP Series VE Analysis Exclusion Criteria

Evaluation TypeDTaP
Case, n = 382Control, n = 1113P
Reasons for exclusion
 Vaccine history unknown205.2454.0.32
 Identified as pertussis case in surveillance data30.3
 Mis-administered Tdapa10.340.4.99
 Received Tdap as part of catch-up schedule30.870.6.75
 Received ≤4 of DTaP5013.120318.2.02
 Received >5 of DTaP61.6201.8.77
 Received 5 doses of DTaP off-scheduleb4411.513612.2.72
No. of excluded participants11931.238734.8.20
No. of participants included in overall VE evaluation26368.172664.4
  • P values are derived from χ2 test unless cell numbers are <5, then Fisher’s exact test was used. If no participants matched the exclusion criteria or the P value was not determined the cell is blank.

  • a Tdap given outside of approved age range.

  • b DTaP on-schedule was defined as doses 1 to 3 before 12 months of age, dose 4 at 1 to <2 years, and dose 5 at 4 to <7 years.