HEI-2010 and WIC Participation in Children From Low-Income Households in NHANES Before (2003–2008) and After (2011–2012) the Policy Change

HEI-2010 Before WIC Food Package Change (2003–2008), n = 881HEI-2010 After WIC Food Package Change (2011–2012), n = 316Effect of WIC Food Package Changea
MeanMedianMeanMedianβb95% CIP
Nonparticipants (n = 478)
WIC participants (n = 719)52.452.558.358.23.7b0.6–6.90.02
  • NA, not applicable.

  • a Model was adjusted for the following covariates: age, race/ethnicity, gender, and weight status and energy intake of the child; education and marital status of the household respondent; and household income-to-poverty ratio and household food security status. The model included household WIC participation, a variable denoting preintervention versus postintervention period, and an interaction between WIC and intervention period.

  • b Estimated difference in the change in HEI-2010 for the WIC participants and nonparticipants.