CCHMC Delay (TNA) and Waitlist for TKOC and DDBP Appointments

Demand StreamAge GroupBaseline (October 2012)After Intervention (October 2013)Difference% Improvement
TNA: delay for any provider, d
 Autism communication evaluation ADOS,21 dual0–5 y2614−1246
 Autism new rule-out autism visit19–36 mo1318−12394
3–5 y1178−10993
 Autism ISS3–5 y1308−12294
 Autism follow-upAll16751−11669
Waitlist, no. of patients
 DDBP new appointment0–18 mo000
19–36 mo000
3–5 y3300−330100
6–14 y866387−47955
  • ADOS, Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule; ISS, Information Sharing Session.