5-Step System Analysis Approach to Access Improvement

1. TeamForm a team consisting of representatives of the clinical and administrative team, including leadership. (Those who do the work must change the work.)
2. AimSet a clear, measurable, attainable aim (based on system analysis) focused on delay reduction. (Aim should focus on outcomes rather than implementation of changes.)
3. MapApply patient flow mapping to gain understanding of current process state. (Mapping is critical in complex systems.)
4. MeasureMeasure demand, supply, and activity at the system level and at all points in the patient journey across the system; measure delay both for access to the system and also across the system. (Baseline and after changes to see whether changes result in desired improvement.)
5. ChangeApply the PDSA20 cycle to test changes to improve the system by using the access change principles and strategies within each of the principles.
  • PDSA, plan, do, study, act.