Maternal Perceptions of Child and Maternal–Child Relationship Among Women Raising Children From SVRPs

Question (Weighted Number of Total Respondents = 765)Weighted Number Responding Affirmatively, n (%)
Positive regard
 I enjoy spending time with my child716 (93.5)
 I find my child enjoyable703 (91.9)
 My child is an important source of affection for me631 (82.5)
 I worry about the well-being of my child713 (93.1)
 I find it easy to respond to my child when he/she is crying or upset604 (78.9)
 I praise or encourage my childa642 (84.1)
Parent stress
 The major source of stress in my life is my child371 (48.5)
 Having this child has been a financial burden586 (76.6)
 I feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a parent644 (84.2)
 I feel negatively about my childb210 (27.5)
 I feel angry at my child oftenb99 (13.0)
 My child is badb38 (5.0)
  • a Weighted number responding = 764.

  • b Weighted number responding = 763.