Behaviorally Based Tobacco Cessation Resources for Adolescents

National Cancer Institute1-800-QUIT-NOWNational number that links the caller to his or her local or state telephonic quitline.
National Cancer Institute1-877-44U-QUITTelephonic smoking cessation support from National Cancer Institute counselors. Support is available in both English and Spanish.
National Cancer InstituteSmokefreeTXTA mobile text messaging program that provides tips, advice, and encouragement for stopping smoking.
National Cancer InstitutequitSTART appA smartphone-based app made for teens that provides tailored tips, inspiration, and challenges to help smokers become smoke free.
National Cancer Instituteteen.smokefree.govAn Internet site designed for teenagers that hosts the National Cancer Institute’s tobacco prevention and cessation resources for teenagers.
MD Anderson Cancer CenterA Smoking Prevention Interactive Experience (ASPIRE) Internet-based program that delivers an individually tailored interactive smoking prevention and cessation curriculum that can be used by individuals or in the school setting.