Effect of Acceptance and Mental Health on Parenting Index: Acceptance Regression Model

Mother perceives child is accepted by spouse, community, or family1.2<.001
Mother perceives she is accepted by spouse, community, or family0.95<.001
Mother screened positive for PTSD−0.23.21
Mother screened positive for depression−0.72<.001
Mother screened positive for anxiety−0.59.002
Mother has spouse or partner0.78<.001
Mother reported more than 1 assailant−0.39.06
Mother sees assailant or remembers the assault when seeing child−0.093.59
  • In addition to the variables above, the model also controlled for age of mother, age of child, meals per day, presence of any formal education, and if the respondent was held in captivity (all P > .05). Number of participants contributing to the regression = 718.