Cross-tabulation of Types of Medications Implicated in ED Visits for Unsupervised Exposures Involving a Single Medication by Children Aged <6 Years, United States, 2010–2013

Medication Prescription StatusMedication Dosage Form
Oral Solid (eg, tablets)Oral LiquidUnspecified OralaNonoral Medication
Annual National EstimateAnnual National EstimateAnnual National EstimateAnnual National Estimate
No.%95% CINo.%95% CINo.%95% CINo.%95% CI
Prescription28 54045.943.9–47.914482.31.6–3.03380.50.2–0.814312.31.8–2.8
OTC13 87022.320.3–24.3773612.411.0–13.917632.81.6–4.135365.74.9–6.5
  • Estimates are based on the NEISS-CADES project, 2010 through 2013. Estimates based on <20 cases or with a total 4-year estimate <1200 are not shown (–). Twenty-nine ED visits involving a medication in which the dosage form was unspecified are not shown.

  • a Denotes cases in which the child accessed an oral medication, but there was not enough information to determine whether it was an oral liquid or an oral solid dosage form.