Descriptive Statistics by Foreclosure Filing Status

MeasureFull SampleHouseholds Experiencing Foreclosure Filing
No Foreclosure FilingForeclosure FilingBefore Foreclosure FilingAfter Foreclosure Filing
CPS involvement
 CPS investigation (ever)3.6111.85a
 CPS investigation in current quarter0.240.78a0.810.76b
 Substantiated investigation (ever)0.748.56a
 Substantiated investigation in current quarter0.030.11a0.120.09c
Time constant covariates
 CPS involvement before 20082.307.07a
 Missing gender3.310.60a
 American Indian1.711.98a
 Race unknown33.5512.91a
 Missing age10.294.32a
 Mean age in years in 2008 (SD)45.43 (20.27)40.82 (10.30)a
Time varying covariates
 No reported wages50.9535.98a32.4838.92a
  Unable to link to wage data20.6310.23a10.789.78a
 0th–20th percentile wages17.9811.96a10.6913.03a
 20th–40th percentile wages7.515.78a8.013.91a
 40th–60th percentile wages8.0213.87a14.3913.44a
 60th–80th percentile wages8.4617.18a18.1716.34a
 80th–100th percentile wages7.0915.22a16.2514.35a
 TANF receipt this quarter0.360.21a0.100.30a
 SNAP receipt this quarter8.1610.77a7.4313.59a
 Medicaid receipt this quarter11.7122.03a18.6124.90a
 Received child support this quarter4.2011.36a9.6312.82a
 Paid child support this quarter4.399.01a7.0710.65a
 Unemployed this quarter5.4712.73a12.1813.19a
Household-quarter observations473 216494 160225 672268 488
  • Values are expressed as % unless noted otherwise. Table shows 967 376 household-quarter observations of 60 461 households observed from Quarter 1, 2008, through Quarter 4, 2011 (analyses are based on 1 observation of each household in each of these quarters, for a total of 16 observations per household). The “unable to link to wage data” category is a subset of the “no reported wages” category, such that these categories are not mutually exclusive. t tests were used to assess mean differences between groups.

  • a P < .001.

  • b P < .05.

  • c P < .01.