Numbers and Rates of Register-Based IPD and Laboratory-Confirmed Episodes and the Associated Vaccine-Prevented Disease Burden by the National PCV10 Vaccine Program

Case DefinitionNo. of EpisodesEpisodes/100 000 PYRelative Rate ReductionAbsolute Rate Reduction
NVP-Eligible CohortaBefore NVPbNVP EligibleBefore NVPPoint Estimate (%)95% CIEpisodes/100 000 PY (95% CI)
Register-based non–laboratory-confirmed IPD or unspecified sepsisc79123332373593429–39122 (100–144)
Register-based non–laboratory-confirmed IPDd10660832946659–7362 (52–71)
Laboratory-confirmed IPD54340913638072–8550 (43–57)
  • NVP, national vaccination program; PY, person-years.

  • a Born in 2010–2013, follow-up 334 088 y.

  • b Cohort born in 2003–2008 follow-up 649 877 y.

  • c Any of the following ICD-10 codes in any discharge notifications: A40.3, A40.9, A41.9, A49.9, G00, G00.1, G00.9, I30.1, M00, M00.1, M00.9, B95.3, or B95.5. Culture-confirmed IPD cases were excluded.

  • d Any of the following ICD-10 codes entered as final discharge diagnosis: A40.3, G00.1, M00.1, or B95.3. Culture-confirmed IPD cases were excluded.