ICD-10-Coded Diagnoses Compatible With IPD or Unspecified Sepsis Used in the Analysis

ICD-10 CodeDiagnosis in TextPercentage of All Diagnoses in Reference Cohorts
A40.3aSepsis due to S pneumoniae30
G00.1aPneumococcal meningitis1
M00.1aPneumococcal arthritis and polyarthritis<1
B95.3aS pneumoniae as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere1
A40.9Streptococcal sepsis, unspecified2
A41.9Sepsis, unspecified organism45
A49.9Bacterial infection, unspecified18
G00Bacterial meningitis, not elsewhere classified<1
G00.9Bacterial meningitis, unspecified2
I30.1Infective pericarditis<1
M00Pyogenic arthritis, not elsewhere classified<1
M00.9Pyogenic arthritis, unspecified2
B95.5Unspecified Streptococcus as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere<1
  • All codes in the table are compatible with register-based non–laboratory-confirmed IPD or unspecified sepsis (Case Definition 1).

  • a ICD-10 code specific for diseases caused by S pneumoniae (Case Definition 2, register-based non–laboratory-confirmed IPD).