Characteristics of Included Studies Screening for CD in T1D

First Author, YearCountryStudy DesignNumber ScreenedCD Prevalence, %Follow-up, yAge at CD Diagnosis,a yAge at Diabetes Diagnosis, yScreening TestScreening FrequencyNewcastle-Ottowa Scale
Barera, 200224ItalyProspective2746.26NR8.3 ± 4.6EMA IgA; if IgA deficient, IgG EMAs and AGAsAt diagnosis and annually7
Cerutti, 20047ItalyRetrospective43226.8107.2 ± 4.35.5 ± 3.7IgA/IgG AGAs and/or EMAsAnnually6
Crone, 200325AustriaLongitudinal1575.18NRNREMAs2–3 times yearly5
Glastras, 200517AustraliaProspective1734.613NRNREMAs and/or AGAsAt diagnosis, 1–3 times yearly thereafter6
Larsson, 200826SwedenProspective3009.7511.16.5IgA EMAsAt diagnosis, then annually8
Pham-Short, 20128AustraliaProspective43794.2≥109.6 ± 3.76.6 ± 4.0IgA EMAs and/or IgA TTGAt diagnosis 1–2 times yearly thereafter8
Poulain, 20071FranceRetrospective9501.6>109.4 ± 4.86.0 ± 4.2EMA and or TTGNR6
Salardi, 200827ItalyProspective3316.618NRNREMAAt diagnosis and then every 6–12 mo8
Uibo, 201028EstoniaProspective2714.169.9 (range: 3.1–16.2)NRIgA EMA and IgA TTGNR6
  • AGA, anti-gliadin antibody; NR. not reported.

  • a Data are presented as means ± SDs or medians (range)NR not reported