Definitions of Dabbing Terminology Used by Users and Patients

References to the substance
 BHOA THC concentrate created through use of solvents via either open column extraction or a closed-loop system. Products have a much higher THC concentration than traditional flower cannabis. They typically are consumed by placing the product on a heated surface and inhaling the vapors.
 ShatterA form of BHO with a solid, glasslike appearance. It shatters when scraped from the dish. Users consider this a superior form.
 BudderAn extract that has a viscous, spreadable texture (this is distinct from cannabis-infused butter, which is ingested rather than inhaled).
 Earwax or waxAn extract with a sticky, pasty consistency.
 Honeycomb or crumble waxA crumbly extract with a spongiform appearance and dry texture.
 DabbingThe act of inhaling the vapors from a concentrate.
 Dab or globThe amount of extract used for 1 inhalation (hit). Whereas dabs are standard sized dosages, globs represent unusually large amounts.
 HoneybudsCannabis buds that have been infused with BHO.
References to paraphernalia
 Oil rig or rigA water pipe or bong designed specifically to use concentrates, with the bowl replaced by a nail and dome (or by a swing or skillet).
 NailA hollow rod used in place of a bowl to use concentrates, usually made of titanium (glass and quartz are also used).
 Swing or skilletA small metallic plate or pan clipped with wires to an oil rig and used to smoke concentrates. The plate is heated and then swung to the pipe opening before a concentrate is applied. A swing would be used in lieu of a nail.
 Wand, dabber, or pickA device used to apply concentrates to a heated surface.
 Dome or globeA concave glass cap placed over a hot nail to contain vapors.
 TorchA small blowtorch used to heat a nail or skillet for using concentrates (usually a handheld crème brûlée torch or propane canister).
 E-penHandheld electric smoking device used for vaporizing extracts.
References to manufacturing
 Open column extractionExtraction method in which a solvent, such as butane, is passed through a stainless steel or glass cylinder packed with cannabis material, through a screen, and onto a Pyrex dish or tray. The resulting product is then purged of solvent.
 BlastingSlang term for open column butane extraction; often refers to amateur production.
 Closed loop systemExtraction method and equipment that recaptures the solvent gas released for reuse, typically associated with commercial or medical production.
 Dual extraction methodThe pairing of a butane extraction with an alcohol wash. Butane is used as a solvent in the “first run.” Alcohol is used for the “second run.”
 PurgingThe act of drawing out any solvents from concentrate (eg, whipping with low heat, vacuum leaching).
  • Some colloquial definitions are adapted from Black.7