PEM Fellowship Simulation Resources

n/N Respondents (%)
Have simulation laboratory at local institution55/62 (89)
Location of simulation laboratory
 Same building as offices/ED15/62 (24)
 Separate building as offices/ED48/62 (76)
 Walking distance (5–10 min)35/62 (56)
 Shuttle or drive13/62 (21)
Simulation laboratory features
 Mock-clinical area where simulation occurs60/61 (98)
 Videotaping capabilities51/61 (84)
 Separate debriefing/conference room50/61 (82)
 Control room49/61 (80)
Location of simulation for PEM Fellows
 Simulation laboratory52/63 (83)
 In-situ in the ED35/63 (56)
 Outside institution (eg, regional boot camp)7/63 (11)
Types of simulators used
 Infant HFM (eg, Laerdal SimBaby)57/62 (92)
 Pediatric HFM (METI pediatric simulator)50/62 (81)
 Adult HFM (eg, Laerdal SimMan, METI adult simulator)48/62 (77)
 Neonatal HFM (eg, Sim NewB, HAL)38/62 (61)
 Obstetrical HFM (eg, Noelle)26/62 (42)
 Other mid or low fidelity mannequins43/62 (69)
 Static mannequins38/62 (61)
  • ED, emergency department; HFM, high fidelity mannequin.