Care Coordination Activities for 60 Children With Medical Complexity in 6 Practices

% (n = 508)aRange Among 6 Practices (%)
Nature of activity
 Initial referral7.22.7–22.8
 Follow-up of referral (retrieving record and/or discussing with family)13.90–28
 Medication issue (refills excluded)16.94.0–33.8
 Transfer of information from 1 setting to another39.324.3–43.3
 Scheduled team meeting00–0
 Individualized, written care plan12.64.1–23.0
 Completion of form or letter27.814.3–54.6
Person(s) involved
 Primary care provider62.244.1–80.0
 Other nonclinical practice staff42.24.4–83.7
 Care coordinator37.85.8–67.8
 Parent or patient34.99.3–60.7
 Community agency23.87.7–45.0
 Other physician16.23.4–20.0
Medium used
 Written correspondence to the practice from another entity38.08.7–72.9
 Written correspondence from the practice to another entity35.410.8–63.5
 Phone call29.99.5–66.0
 In person2.70–9.5
Medical condition that was the focus of the activity
 Other chronic condition31.714.9–64.9
 Medical complexity (eg, issue with specialized equipment)30.110.8–46.7
 Developmental delay14.27.2–28.7
 Acute illness8.93.1–17.5
 Not specified8.61.4–16.2
 Social, legal, or financial issue2.60–5.4
 Other mental health issue1.00–3.9
  • a Categories are not mutually exclusive.