Practice Characteristics

PracticeSelf-Described Practice ModelUS RegionNo. of Physicians in PracticeNo. of PAs or NPs% Patients With Public Insurance or Self-PayTotal No. of Pediatric PatientsPractice Has EMRPractice Has Dedicated Care CoordinatorMHI Total Scorea
AAffiliated with a health systembMid-Atlantic120522 500YesYes169
BHospital-based group practicebMidwest404013 300YesYes142
CHospital ownedbMidwest163376 000YesYes173
DIndependent, smallWest3110525NoNo133
EHospital ownedNortheast43857000No, but planning to obtainYes142
FIndependent, largebSouth120812 000YesYes172
GIndependent, largeMidwest8079000No, but planning to obtainYes150
HPrivate group practiceWest712413 500YesYes145
ICommunity health centerbSouth829313 400YesYes155
JHospital ownedMid-Atlantic51156000YesYes133
KIndependent, largebMidwest731313 000NoYes149
LAcademic training practiceWest320344500YesYes77
  • NP, nurse practitioner; PA, physician assistant.

  • a Maximum score = 200.

  • b These practices participated in the medical record reviews.