Structured Assessments and Screening Tools Used

Breastfeeding Effectiveness
Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy Scale (BSES)Measure of maternal breastfeeding confidence that uses a 5-point (1 = not at all confident to 5 = always confident) Likert scale to assess agreement with statements such as “I can always position my infant correctly at my breast.” BSES scores range from 33–165 on the 33-item instrument and 14–70 on the 14-item BSES-Short Form. Higher overall scores indicate higher levels of breastfeeding self-efficacy.
Infant Breastfeeding Assessment Tool (IBFAT)Measure of clinician or maternally rated perception of 4 items related to effectiveness of and satisfaction with a feeding (readiness to feed, rooting, latching on, sucking) rated on a 3-point scale (eg, 3 = rooted effectively at once, 0 = did not root). Higher scores indicate greater perceived effectiveness. IBFAT scores range from 0–12; 12 = vigorous and effective feeding.
Latch, Audible swallowing, Type of nipple, Comfort, Hold (LATCH)Measure of effectiveness of latch to the breast, feeding, comfort for mother, and maternal positioning rated on 3 levels with higher scores indicating greater effectiveness. LATCH score ≤8 = breastfeeding difficulties.