R2 Values for Adapted Preschool SDQ Items (and Equivalent Age 5 and 7 Items) and CFA Comparison With Configural Model A

FactorItems (age)Item R2Model∆ χ2∆ dfCFIRMSEA
Age 3Age 5Age 7Configural Model A28 332.7725200.9050.025
CONArgumentative (3 years); lies/cheats (5, 7 years)0.410.320.41CON factor loadings fixed equal across time91.95740.9060.025
Spiteful (3 years); steals (5, 7 years)0.450.210.35
HYPCan be reflective (3 years); is reflective (5, 7 years)0.150.380.41HYP factor loadings fixed equal across time197.89620.9030.025
  • N = 16 659. CFA, confirmatory factory analysis; CON, conduct problems; HYP, hyperactivity.