Characteristics of Calls to MCPAP (n = 29 202) and Association With Adoption and Frequency of Use of Practice Making the Call

CharacteristicAll PracticesTime Until Adoption, dQuartile
Reason for calla
 Medication question/evaluation31333028d303333d
 Resources question27282230d282526d
 Diagnosis question27242732d252828d
 Parent guidance5643d556
 Oppositional defiant disorder101189c11108c
 Refer back to PCP54535257d535346d
 Refer to MCPAP care coordinator (e.g., for identifying resources)25282026d272221d
 MCPAP psychiatrist 1-time evaluation21222217d222221
 Community-based therapist appointment17161819d201412d
 Refer to community psychiatrist6676d5812d
 Emergency department/inpatient2212d123c
  • Values are expressed as proportion of all calls (%). Categories of call characteristics are not mutually exclusive.

  • a The following reasons, collectively, were <5% of all calls: patient in crisis, follow-up of previous patient, school issues, and second opinion.

  • b The following diagnoses, collectively, were <5% of all calls: Asperger syndrome, conduct disorder, developmental delay, pervasive developmental disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

  • c P < .05 for group comparison.

  • d P < .001 for group comparison.