Maternal and Child Characteristics by Maternal Prepregnancy BMI, IFPS II, United States, 2005–2007

Total (n = 1311),a%bUnderweight (n = 52),%bNormal (n = 600),%bOverweight (n = 333),%bObese Class I (n = 166),%bObese Class II/III (n = 160),%bP
Maternal characteristics
 Age, y.01
 Race or ethnicity.25
  Asian/Pacific Islander2.
 Marital status.11
  High school or less15.921.
  Some college36.736.534.538.139.838.8
  College graduate47.442.352.347.841.635.6
 Percentage of poverty level<.001
 Smoking during third trimester, no. cigarettes per day.03
 Pregnancy wt gain<.001
  More than adequate47.534.637.560.464.545.0
 Gestational diabetes<.001
  Don’t know or not sure7.
  Never breastfed12.917.310.312.311.523.8
  Breastfed <6 mo35.930.833.736.442.238.8
  Breastfed ≥6 mo + exclusive <3 mo28.430.829.229.427.723.1
  Breastfed ≥6 mo + exclusive ≥3 mo22.821.226.821.918.714.4
 Possible postpartum depression.24
  Not specified8.
Child characteristics
 Birth weight<.001
  Small for gestational age5.
  Appropriate for gestational age82.286.586.379.679.573.8
  Large for gestational age12.71.98.814.716.921.9
 Current BMI (reported by mother)<.001
  Very underweight/underweight9.823.
  Overweight/very overweight5.
 Child enrichment
  Read aloud ≥3 times per week or received special lessons38.738.536.036.644.047.5
  Read aloud ≥3 times per week and received special lessons54.859.658.754.748.246.3
  • a This sample size represents mother–child pairs with complete information on covariates to examine child’s developmental diagnoses; final analytic sample sizes vary based on the type of developmental outcomes. Approximately 3% of mothers were missing information on marital status and education level, and 2.7% were missing information on pregnancy weight gain.

  • b Percentages may not add to 100 because of rounding.