Coverage of 4CMenB Vaccine in Targeted Populations at University A, December 9, 2013–May 14, 2014

ConstituencyNo. in Target PopulationNo. First Doses GivenCoverage with First Dose, %No. Second Doses GivenCoverage with 2-Dose Series, %
Undergraduate students5241506296.6479191.4
 Class of 20171292126097.5121494.0
 Class of 20161349129696.1123291.3
 Class of 20151320127496.5117889.2
 Class of 20141280123296.3116791.2
Graduate students54142478.436166.7
  • a Category includes faculty, staff, and graduate students with medical conditions that increase risk of meningococcal disease, and spouses and caregivers of graduate and undergraduate students living in a dormitory with the students.