Sample Description and Prevalence of Unmet Health Care Need, Wave I of the Add Health Study, 1994/1995

CharacteristicN%Prevalence of Unmet Health Care Need (%)
Total14 800100.019.2
 Total14 798100.0
Year of birth
 Total14 790100.0
 Non-Hispanic white787753.317.6
 Non-Hispanic black297820.223.1
 Total14 773100.0
Wave I insurance
 Individual/group (eg, Blue Cross, Cigna)629350.817.0
 Prepaid (eg, HMO/CHAMPUS)288323.318.3
 Total12 392100.0
Wave I household income, $
 Low (<20 000 per year)228520.421.5
 Medium (20 000–49 000 per year)471242.017.9
 High (≥50 000 per year)421837.616.9
 Total11 215100.0
Parental education
 Did not graduate high school214816.920.4
 High school diploma or equivalent373929.519.4
 Some college/university374929.616.9
 Graduated college/university305324.117.0
 Total12 689100.0
  • CHAMPUS, Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services; HMO, health maintenance organization; N, number of observations in each category (unweighted).