Infant Characteristics for Infants With and Without NAS in Tennessee Medicaid, 2009–2011

CharacteristicNo Opioid (No NAS) (n = 80 292)Opioid (No NAS) (n = 30 651)NAS (n = 1086)P
Female39 06448.714 98648.950246.2.2
Preterm (<37 wk)886811.0354911.618116.7<.001
Low birth weight (<2500 g)79409.9361511.823021.2<.001
Clinical conditions
 Respiratory diagnoses70528.8308310.131228.7<.001
  Transient tachypnea of the newborn21922.79643.114613.4<.001
  Respiratory distress syndrome21702.710453.4767.0<.001
  Meconium aspiration syndrome3210.41060.3363.3<.001
  Other respiratory diagnoses45175.619656.417716.3<.001
 Jaundice13 96317.4550318.039336.2<.001
 Feeding difficulty18092.37882.614213.1<.001
 Hemolytic disease10511.33421.1282.6<.001
 Necrotizing enterocolitis1360.2560.2**0.1.7
  • Comparisons made among mutually exclusive groups of no opioid exposure and no NAS, opioid exposure and no NAS, and NAS. Percentages may not add to 100% because of rounding.

  • ** Value suppressed given n <10 in cell.