Characteristics of Subjects With and Without Complete LRI Data and Any Pulmonary Function Data at Ages 11, 16, 22, or 26 Years

Subjects With Complete LRIa and PFT Data (N = 646)Subjects With Complete LRI Data but No PFT Data (N = 242)Subjects Without Complete LRI and PFT Data (N = 358)Pb
Participant characteristics
 Male gender64650.824247.135847.8.507
  Mixed NHW/HW14.49.15.9
 One or more positive skin-prick test at 6 years57239.38235.410833.3.434
 Active wheeze at 6 years63328.118724.619621.9.193
 Active physician-diagnosed asthma at 6 years6309.41899.019610.2.913
Maternal characteristics
 Active smoking64615.924119.535619.7.241
 Education ≤12 years64627.724132.435438.7.002
 Age >28 years64641.024242.635731.1.003
 Positive for physician-diagnosed asthma63810.323312.928410.9.571
Paternal characteristics
 Active smoking63828.723833.235035.1.090
 Education ≤12 years63326.423829.434635.8.008
 Age >28 years63759.323956.935341.4<.001
 Positive for physician-diagnosed asthma60913.122312.12629.5.328
  • HW, Hispanic white; NHW, Non-Hispanic white; PFT, pulmonary function test.

  • a Subjects with complete LRI data had complete follow-up during the first 3 years of life.

  • b P values (2-sided) based on Pearson χ2 statistic.

  • c Participant race/ethnicity determined from parental information provided at enrollment.