Description of Measures

Primary outcome measureMedian time on CPOx after meeting goalsCalculated as the time on CPOx (h) after patient weans to every-2-h albuterol treatments or is weaned to room air. Monitors are also linked to the EHR with the capability to directly transmit vital signs from the patient monitors every minute if a monitor is in place, allowing precise determination of monitor discontinuation.
Secondary outcome measureMedian time until medically readyCalculated as the time between when the patient arrived on the unit and when the patient was medically ready for discharge.
Process measurePercentage of patients with CPOx discontinuation within goal time frameCalculated as the percentage of patients who were changed to IPOx monitoring at the time of weaning to every-2-h albuterol treatments or >90% oxygen saturation for 2 h on room air.
Balancing measure7-day revisitsCalculated as the percentage of patients who needed a visit to the emergency department or admission within 7 days of discharge. Seven days was chosen because, clinically, revisits >7 days after discharge are probably unrelated to premature discharge and more likely to be related to a separate illness.
Balancing measureMedical emergency team callsCalculated as the percentage of patients for whom a medical emergency team response was called.
Balancing measureFloor-to-ICU transfersCalculated as the percentage of patients who needed transfer to the ICU after spending time on the HM floor.