Table 1.

Sleep Survey Questions

1. In what position does your infant sleep?
_On stomach _on side _on back _other
Has this changed since he/she was first born? _yes _no
If yes, how has it changed?
2. When your baby came home from the hospital after he/she was born, what position were you told to place the baby to sleep?
_On stomach _on back _on side _other
_I was not told how to lay the baby to sleep.
3. When your newborn came home from the hospital, how did you use blankets at bedtime?
_Wrapped snugly around baby _laid blankets over baby _Wrapped loosely around baby _no blankets used _other (Describe.)
Were you told how to use blankets when your baby was born?
_Yes _no If yes, how?
4. Where did your baby sleep when first home from the hospital?
_In parent’s bed _in bassinet _in crib _other
Where does your baby sleep now?
How many people sleep in the same bed with your baby?
5. Has your baby ever slept on a waterbed? _yes _no
6. Number of smokers in the home._ Do you smoke? _yes _no