Associations Between Tobacco Product Use Types and Key Characteristics Among US Current Smokers (Youth), NYTS 2012 (n = 2093)

CharacteristicsDual Use (Cigarettes and 1 Other Product)Polytobacco Use (Cigarettes and ≥2 Other Products)
Unadjusted RRRaRRRUnadjusted RRRaRRR
Age, y
 White, non-HispanicREFREFREFREF
 Black, non-Hispanic1.46*1.270.41**0.23*
 Other, non-Hispanic (includes multiracial, non-Hispanic)1.010.700.820.68
Age first tried cigarette smoking, y
Live with someone who uses tobacco products
Smoker type
Use flavored tobacco products
Dependence (how soon after waking), min
 <30 1.65**1.423.22***1.91*
Quit attempt
Agree that “all tobacco products are dangerous”
Think breathing smoke from tobacco products causes harm
Receptivity (would ever use or wear something with tobacco company name on it)
 No (somewhat or very unlikely)REFREFREFREF
 Yes (very or somewhat likely)1.44**1.71**2.43***2.52***
Perceived prevalence (“Out of 10 students in your grade, how many do you think use other tobacco products?”
 1–4 2.13*2.364.17***3.61*
  • RRRs for dual and polytobacco use are in reference to exclusive cigarette use.

  • * P < .05; ** P < .01; *** P < .001.