Definitions of Isolated Headache

Extensive Definition: No Signs or Symptoms Other Than a History of Headache of Any Degree in Children 2–17 y (Up Until 18th Birthday)PECARN Rule Variable Definition: No Signs or Symptoms Other Than a History of Severe Headache Defined by the PECARN Prediction Rule Variables for Those 2–17 y (Up Until 18th Birthday)
Patient met all of the following:Patient met all of the following:
 No history of LOC No history of LOC
 GCS score of 15 GCS score of 15
 No signs of altered consciousnessa No signs of altered consciousnessa
 No signs of basilar skull fracture No signs of basilar skull fracture
 No palpable skull fracture No severe mechanism of injuryb
 No history of vomiting No history of vomiting
 Acting normally per parent/guardian
 No seizure after the head trauma
 No amnesia
 No scalp hematoma or other traumatic scalp finding (eg, abrasion or laceration)
 No neurologic deficits (eg, motor or sensory abnormalities)
  • GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; LOC, loss of consciousness.

  • a Sleepiness, agitation, slow to respond to verbal communication, repetitive questioning.

  • b Motor vehicle crash with patient ejection, death of another passenger, or rollover; pedestrian or bicyclist without helmet struck by a motorized vehicle; falls >5 feet; or head struck by a high-impact object.