Multivariable Regression Analysis Assessing Relationship Between Location and Severity of Headache, and TBI

ciTBI Adjusted OR (95% CI), N = 12 587TBI on CT Adjusted OR (95% CI), N = 6555
Severity of headache
Mild/barely noticeableReferenceReference
Moderate/severe1.55 (1.00–2.40)0.97 (0.72–1.32)
Location of headache
Localized1.22 (0.82–1.80)1.11 (0.82–1.50)
  • Variables adjusted for in both multivariable analyses along with the reference group: altered mental status (reference = no), acting normally per parent (reference = yes), history of loss of consciousness (reference = no), history of vomiting (reference = no), any scalp hematoma (reference = no), other traumatic scalp findings (reference = no), palpable skull fracture (reference = no), clinical signs of basilar skull fracture (reference = no), amnesia (reference = no), age (reference = >10 y), time from injury to ED evaluation in hours (reference = >4 h).

  • ciTBI, clinically-important traumatic brain injury; CT, computed tomography; OR, odds ratio; TBI, traumatic brain injury.