Spatial Clusters of MMR and VZV Underimmunization, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, 2010–2012

Vaccine Not Received by 36 Mo of AgeCluster Number and General DescriptionRadius, kmBlock Groups in Cluster, nChildren Missing MMR or VZV Dose, %aExpected Underimmunized Cases, nActual Underimmunized Cases, nRRP
MMR1: Marin and Sonoma counties475175.61091771.69<.001
2: Western Contra Costa and northern Solano counties224354.91732451.49.001
3: Southeastern Roseville71756.641781.96.004
4: Berkeley, north Oakland3918.814362.58.019
VZV1: Marin, Sonoma, Napa counties656197.31532771.94<.001
2: San Francisco and East Bay138146.81332271.80<.001
  • a Outside of the MMR clusters, 3% of children did not get MMR by 36 months of age. Outside of the VZV clusters, 3.5% of children outside did not get VZV vaccine by 36 months of age.