Correlations Between Atypical Behavior Percentages and ADOS Algorithm Scores

ADOSAtypical Behaviors
Social RespondingSocial InitiatingVocalizationsPlayRTNTotal
Social affect (SA subtotal)0.360.260.520.430.45
Restricted repetitive behavior (RRB subtotal)0.600.500.54
Total score0.460.280.540.480.410.52
RTN (item)0.53
  • Spearman’s ρ correlations between Atypical Percentage scores (atypical behaviors/[atypical + typical behaviors]) and ADOS algorithm scores. Overall (total score) correlations were moderate, as were RRB and RTN correlations, but differences in the nature of the 2 scores (Atypical Percentage scores as a ratio versus ADOS scores as a degree of atypicality) produced a wide range of individual category correlations. Atypical Percentage scores on Vocalization showed the highest correlation to both SA and RRB subtotal algorithm scores and the total algorithm score.