Characteristics of Excluded Studies

Excluded StudyAssayReason for Exclusion
1Attridge et al 200945BNPBNP to optimize indomethacin treatment and not for the diagnosis of PDA
2da Graca et al 200646BNPNo cutoff threshold reported
3Elsayed et al 201375BNPIncluded patients with PDA only and used BNP to predict failure of medical therapy
4Elsayed et al 201376BNPCorrelation of BNP and regional blood flow in PDA and for the diagnosis of PDA
5Flynn et al 200548BNPInsufficient data for 2×2 table; BNP >300 pg/mL predicted significant PDA
6Hammerman et al 201241BNP and NT-proBNPReview article
7Hollinger et al 201177BNPNo cutoff threshold reported
8Holmström et al 200149BNPInsufficient data for 2×2 table
9Hsu et al 201023BNPIncluded patients with PDA and used BNP to predict indomethacin responsiveness
10Jeevananthan et al 201178BNPInsufficient data for 2×2 table
11Kazanci et al 201279BNPNo cutoff threshold reported
12Mannarino et al 201044BNPCompared BNP in term versus preterm infants
13Perugu et al 201180BNPBNP and other markers for ventricular function in extremely low birth weight infants and not for the diagnosis of PDA
14Puddy et al 200247BNPNo cutoff threshold reported
15Tauber et al 201381BNPNo cutoff threshold reported
16Bagnoli et al 201040NT-proBNPNo cutoff threshold reported
17Celik et al 201282NT-proBNPUrine levels of the natriuretic peptide
18Czernik et al 201351NT-proBNPUrine levels of the natriuretic peptide
19El Khuffash et al 200833NT-proBNPUsed to predict which infants with PDA will suffer death or intraventricular hemorrhage
20El Khuffash et al 201183NT-proBNPNo outcome of interest reported
21Hammerman et al 201042NT-proBNPIncluded patients with hsPDA only, used percentage drop in NT-proBNP to predict response to treatment
22Nuntnarumit et al 201136NT-proBNPUsed a predefined cutoff from previous study10 for early targeted treatment with indomethacin
23Sellmer et al 201184NT-proBNPNo cutoff threshold reported
24Tosse et al 201239NT-proBNPUrine levels of the natriuretic peptide
25Yildrim et al 201085NT-proBNPNo cutoff threshold reported