Table 3.

Main Clinical Features and History of Exanthem Subitum in Children With Primary Human Herpesvirus 7 Infection

Case No.Age/ GenderHistory of Exanthem SubitumHHV-6 Antibody in the Acute Stage of This EpisodeFever*Skin Rash
Duration (days)Maximum (°C)Time of OnsetDuration (days)SitesType
110 mo/F++137.6Day 31Trunk, upper, and lower limbsPapule
210 mo/F+239.3Day 22Trunk, upper, and lower limbsPapule
3 9 mo/F+137.8Day 32Face, trunk, upper, and lower limbsPapule
413 mo/M++439.4Day 25Face, trunkMacule
515 mo/F++439.3Day 25Face, trunk upper, and lower limbsMacule
6 8 mo/M539.8Day 52Face, trunk, upper, and lower limbsPapule
715 mo/F++438.5Day 32TrunkMacule
8† 7 mo/M+338.6
919 mo/M+438.3Day 43Trunk, upper, and lower limbsMaculopapule
1021 mo/F++238.4Day 32TrunkMaculopapule
1112 mo/M++337.8Day 32TrunkMaculopapule
12 9 mo/F238.6Day 33Lower limbsErythema-multiforme-like
1310 mo/M++239.5Day 23TrunkPapule
14 8 mo/F++238.7Day 23TrunkMacule
1527 mo/F+439.5Day 33Face, trunk, upper, and lower limbsMaculopapule
  • * The first day of elevation of fever was defined as day 0.

  • Diagnosed as croup.