Adjusted Associations Between Moisture Damage in the Child's Main Living Areas (combined) and Presence of Respiratory Symptoms Stratified According to Age

Wheezing Apart From ColdNocturnal Cough Apart From Cold
Aged <3 yAged 3–6 YearsPbAged <3 yAged 3–6 YearsPb
aORa (95%CI)aORa (95%CI)aORa (95%CI)aORa (95%CI)
No moisture damage and no mold (ref)1111
Minor moisture damage with or without mold spots1.38 (0.80–2.39)0.84 (0.37–1.92)1.09 (0.68–1.73)1.05 (0.63–1.74)
Major moisture damage or any moisture damage with visible mold2.44 (1.25–4.75)**1.01 (0.36–2.86).081.62 (0.93–2.81)1.01 (0.51–1.98).54
  • ** P < .01. aOR, adjusted odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.

  • a Models were adjusted for study cohort, farming status, gender, maternal history of allergic diseases (hay fever, atopic dermatitis and/or asthma), smoking during pregnancy, and number of siblings.

  • b P value for interaction term between 2 age groups.