Characteristics of Study Population and Prevalence of Bedding Use, NISP Study, 1993 to 2010b

CharacteristicStudy PopulationPrevalence of Bedding Use,a %
Mother’s age, y
 ≥30 809647.260.8
Mother’s race and ethnicity
 White15 72883.363.5
Mother’s education
 Less than high school10505.681.9
 High school or GED test428022.673.9
 Some college500526.568.3
 College or more856945.357.7
Infant age, wk
 ≥16 11 48862.564.3
Infant gender
Preterm birth, <37 wk
 No16 72788.555.6
First child
Geographic region
 New England10305.467.3
  • GED, General Educational Development.

  • a Refers to certain types of bedding under the infant (blanket, bean bag, waterbed, rug, sheepskin, cushion, sleeping bag, or pillow) or covering the infant (blanket, quilt/comforter, sheepskin, pillow, or other) while sleeping in last 2 weeks. Covers exclude sheets and blankets not thicker than a receiving blanket.

  • b Data include 18 952 participants.

  • c Percentages have been rounded and might not total 100.