Perceived “Major Barrier” to Adopting EHR System (Percent of Pediatricians Reporting)

PS 83, 2012, N = 557, %PS 74, 2009, N = 637, %
Financial barriers
 The amount of capital needed to acquire and implement an EHR41.8***56.4
 Uncertainty about the ROI from an EHR30.934.2
Organizational barriers
 Resistance to adoption from practice physicians21.419.0
 Capacity to select, contract, install, and implement an EHR23.1*28.4
 Concern about loss of productivity during transition to the EHR system44.9**36.5
Legal or regulatory barriers
 Concerns about inappropriate disclosure of patient information (ie, breaches of patient confidentiality)6.5**11.2
 Concerns about illegal records tampering or “hacking”6.3**11.5
 Concerns about the legality of accepting an EHR that is donated from a hospital2.94.1
 Concerns about physicians' legal liability if patients have more access to information in their medical records5.35.7
State of technology
 Finding an EHR system that meets providers’ needs40.640.2
 Concerns that the system will become obsolete26.4**33.8
 Other: specify80.581.3
  • * P < .05; ** P < .01; *** P < .001.