Most Commonly Reported Factors for Determining Vaccine Coverage as Benefit

Factorn (%)
Determining vaccine coverage
    ACIP recommendation13 (86.6)
    State laws8 (53.3)
    FDA approval8 (53.3)
    Review by pharmacy and therapeutics or other committee5 (33.3)
    Employer group/purchaser contract5 (33.3)
Affecting modification of coverage
    Change in ACIP recommendation15 (100.0)
    Vaccine shortages12 (80.0)
    FDA action11 (73.3)
    State regulatory changes11 (73.3)
Determining or adjusting reimbursement rates
    Manufacturer's price of vaccine12 (80.0)
    Physician feedback8 (53.3)
    Price of services6 (40.0)
    Market forces6 (40.0)
    Geographic location5 (33.3)
  • Data were obtained from an online survey of 15 selected insurance plans. FDA indicates Food and Drug Administration.