Study Characteristics

Author/YearCountryConditionnInterventionStudy Type
Annunziato et al 201327United States:Liver transplant20 interventionIntervention: Transition coordinatorProspective with historical comparison and Pre-Post
New YorkRecipients14 comparisonComparison: Historical group without coordinator
Bent 200246EnglandCerebral palsy, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, and degenerative muscular disorders119 interventionIntervention: District with young adult team serviceRetrospective cohort
135 comparisonComparison: Districts with ad hoc services
Betz et al 201044United States: CaliforniaSpina bifida31 interventionIntervention: Transition preparation training sessionsRandomized controlled trial
34 comparisonComparison: Standard spina bifida care
Blaauwbroek et al 200839NetherlandsCancers121Intervention: Shared care by family doctors and pediatric oncologistsPre-Post
Boyle et al 200137United States: MarylandCystic fibrosis30 interventionIntervention: Interaction with adult team before transition and addressing cystic fibrosis–specific issuesRetrospective cohort
22 comparisonComparison: No introduction to adult team
Brotzman et al 200134United States: CaliforniaSickle cell disease226 interventionIntervention: Establishment of pediatric and adult program with education componentPre-Post and retrospective cohort
200 comparisonComparison: Standard sickle cell care
Cadario et al 200915ItalyDM30 interventionIntervention: Self-care management education and interaction with adult providers before transferRetrospective cohort
32 comparisonComparison: Historical group with transfer letter only
Chaturvedi et al 200928AustraliaKidney transplant recipients11Intervention: Transition clinic, self-care management education, and transition summaryPre-Post
Chaudhry et al 201238United States: MichiganCystic fibrosis44 interventionIntervention: Structured transition programRetrospective cohort
47 comparisonIntervention: Structured transition program
Cuttell et al 200516EnglandDM7 interventionIntervention: Residential weekend retreatControlled before-and-after study
5 comparisonComparison: Given written information about transfer
Dabadie et al 200843FranceInflammatory bowel disease20 interventionIntervention: Joint pediatric-adult care visitRetrospective cohort
14 comparisonComparison: Records sent to adult provider
Gholap et al 200617EnglandDMAll patients: 68 interventionIntervention: Young person’s clinic using the “alphabet strategy”; Comparison: Other multicentre study of young adults with type 1 DMRetrospective cohort
397 comparison
DM >7 y: 46 intervention
266 comparison
Gilmer et al 201242United States: CaliforniaMental health conditions931 interventionIntervention: Mental health outpatient programs specific to transition-age youthRetrospective cohort
1574 comparisonComparison: Standard adult outpatient programs
Gleeson et al 201340EnglandCongenital adrenal hyperplasia24 interventionIntervention: Transferred from joint pediatric and adult clinicRetrospective cohort
37 comparisonComparison: Transferred from pediatric clinic
Hankins et al 201235United States: TennesseeSickle cell disease34 interventionIntervention: Tour, information session, and scheduling of adult visitControlled before-and-after study with additional historical comparison
49 comparisonComparison: Scheduling of adult visit
75 historical comparison
Harden et al 201245EnglandKidney failure12 interventionIntervention: Coordinated pathway between joint pediatric-adult clinic and young adult clinicProspective cohort with historical control
9 comparisonComparison: Referral letter to standard adult clinic
Holmes-Walker et al 200718AustraliaDM191Intervention: Young adult clinic with transition coordinator/DM educatorPre-Post
Johnston et al 200619Northern IrelandDM18 interventionIntervention: Joint pediatric-adult Saturday clinicRetrospective cohort
15 comparisonComparison: Standard adult clinic
Kipps et al 200220EnglandDM106 interventionIntervention: Districts where patients meet the adult provider before transferRetrospective cohort
123 comparisonComparison: Districts where patients do not meet the adult provider before transfer but do receive a referral letter
Lane et al 200721United States: NebraskaDM96 interventionIntervention: Young adult clinicRetrospective cohort
153 comparisonComparison: General endocrine clinic
Logan et al 200822EnglandDM93Intervention: Joint pediatric-adult clinic followed by young adult clinicPre-Post
Markowitz and Laffel 201223United States: MassachusettsDM15Intervention: Professionally led support group about attending to DM in day-to-day lifePre-Post
Maslow et al 201347United States: Rhode IslandChronic illness20Intervention: Group mentoring programPre-Post
McDonagh et al 200731United KingdomJuvenile idiopathic arthritis308Intervention: Transition coordinator, policy, clinic templates, and resource guidesPre-Post
Orr et al 199624United States: IndianaDM82Intervention: Young adult clinicPre-Post
Prestidge et al 201229CanadaKidney transplant recipients12 interventionIntervention: Transition clinic that teaches self-management and coordinates transferRetrospective cohort
33 comparisonComparison: Historical comparison group without clinic
Remorino and Taylor 200630EnglandKidney transplant recipients11 interventionIntervention: Joint visit with pediatric and adult medical staffRetrospective cohort
5 comparisonComparison: Standard pediatric clinic with transfer letters sent
Robertson et al 200632United KingdomJuvenile idiopathic arthritis93Intervention: Transition coordinator, policy, clinic templates and resource guidesPre-Post
Shaw et al 200733United KingdomJuvenile idiopathic arthritis308 adolescents 303 parentsIntervention: Transition coordinator, policy, clinic templates and resource guidesPre-post
Smith et al 201136United States: North CarolinaSickle cell disease33Intervention: Didactic transition program conducted by college students who then accompany patient to adult appointmentPre-post
Van Walleghem et al 200825CanadaDM64 intervention 101 comparisonIntervention: Systems navigator services to help adolescents and young adults access adult careRetrospective cohort
Comparison: Historical group without navigator services
Vidal et al 200426SpainDM72Intervention: Extended adult visits with assessment of self-management skills and knowledge; group sessionsPre-Post
Wiener et al 200741United States: Washington, DCHIV51Intervention: Identified transition barriers and addressed between visits and assistance with finding adult providerPre-Post