Management Site, Medical Outcome, and Level of Health Care Received for Laundry Detergent Pod Exposures Among Children Younger Than 6 Years, NPDS 2012–2013

CharacteristicsNo. of Cases%a
Management site
 Managed on site (non-HCF)922153.5
 Patient already in or en route to HCF when PCC called475627.6
 Patient was referred by PCC to an HCF302817.6
Medical outcome
 Minor effect866050.3
 Not followed, minimal clinical effects possible (no more than minor effect possible)308617.9
 No effect303417.6
 Moderate effect11896.9
 Unable to follow, judged as a potentially toxic exposure7804.5
 Not followed, judged as nontoxic exposure (clinical effects not expected)2681.6
 Unrelated effect, the exposure was probably not responsible for the effect(s)1110.6
 Major effect1000.6
Level of health care received
 No HCF treatment received944654.8
 Treated/evaluated and released610635.4
 Patient refused referral/did not arrive at HCF6423.7
 Admitted to critical care unit4202.4
 Admitted to non–critical care unit3492.0
 Patient lost to follow-up/left against medical advice2661.5
 Admitted to psychiatric facility10.0
Total17 230
  • HCF, health care facility.

  • a Percentages may not sum to 100.0% due to rounding error.