BMI Category by Sociodemographic Characteristics, at Fifth Grade

Characteristic at Fifth GradeParticipants, nBMI Category at Fifth Grade
(n = 64; 1%)Normal 
(n = 2144; 53%)Overweight 
(n = 739; 19%)Obese 
(n = 1014; 26%)
 Non-Latino black13772531728
 Non-Latino white9943631717
Highest education level in household**
 4-year college graduate or higher13792611819
 Some college or lower25821501930
BMI category of responding parentb,**
 Neither obese nor overweight11003701512
  • All data are presented as percentages unless otherwise indicated. Household education was reported by the parent, and all other characteristics except for BMI were reported by the child. Complete data were available except for child BMI (reliable height and weight were unavailable at fifth and/or tenth grade for 487 students) and parent BMI (reliable height and weight were unavailable at fifth grade for parents of 1 underweight, 132 normal-weight, 57 overweight, and 83 obese students). * P < .05, ** P < .001 for association, from ordinal logistic regression of sociodemographic characteristics on child BMI category.

  • a P < .05 for black versus white children and for Latino versus white children, from ordinal logistic regression of race/ethnicity on child BMI category.

  • b P < .001 for children whose parents were obese versus students whose parents were neither obese nor overweight, from ordinal logistic regression of parent BMI category on child BMI category.