Comparison of Adult Height Between ADHD Cases and Non-ADHD Controls and by Cumulative Stimulant Duration

No. of SubjectsAdult Height (cm), Mean (SD)Pa
Male subjectsADHD cases208178.7 (7.6).56
Non-ADHD controls309179.1 (6.8)
Female subjectsADHD cases77164.6 (7.5).29
Non-ADHD controls148165.7 (6.6)
ADHD cases onlyCumulative stimulant duration
 Male subjectsStimulant naiveb58178.2 (9.8).64
Stimulant treatedc144178.8 (6.7)
3m to <1 y27177.5 (4.6)
1 to <3 y35180.0 (8.0)
≥3 y82178.7 (6.6)
 Female subjectsStimulant naiveb31164.6 (9.0).93
Stimulant treatedc44164.8 (6.4)
3m to <1 y6166.3 (6.2)
1 to <3 y17164.2 (6.7)
≥3 y21165.7 (6.4)
  • a 2-sample t test comparing ADHD cases with non-ADHD controls and, among the ADHD cases, stimulant naive with stimulant treated.

  • b Stimulant naive was defined as ADHD cases on stimulants for <3 mo before the time of the PHV.

  • c 8 ADHD cases had an unknown duration of stimulant medication treatment and were not included in this subanalysis.