Unadjusted and Adjusted OR of Injury for BPB Seats versus Seat Belts

ParameterBPB vs Belts
Unadjusted ModelBPB vs Belts Adjusted Modela
OR95% CIOR95% CI
Direction of initial impact
    Near side0.250.14–0.460.320.13–0.79
    Far sideb0.310.12–0.770.180.06–0.49
Vehicle model year
    1998 and later0.320.19–0.520.330.18–0.61
  • a Adjusted for child age, child weight, child seating position, driver restraint, whether driver parent, crash severity, model year (if applicable), direction of impact (if applicable), and crash year.

  • b Far-side impacts include children sitting in the far-side outboard, as well as center seating position.