Characteristics of the Study Population

Children With Teacher Report Data of Bullying (N = 4364)Children With Self and Peer Report Data of Bullying (N = 1327)a
Child characteristics
 Gender (% boys)220650.664548.6
 National origin
  Other western3798.914311.0
 Wt status
  Normal wt352680.8110683.4
 Mean age at BMI assessment in years (SD)43646.2 (0.5)13276.1 (0.5)
 Bullying involvement
 Mean age at bullying assessment in years (SD)37576.8 (1.3)13277.7 (0.8)
Maternal and family characteristics
 Educational level
  Primary or secondary173447.441136.2
  Higher vocational95826.235331.0
 Single parenthood (% yes)55015.017014.8
 Presence of siblings (% no)67720.021819.4
  • a Child reports represent self-reported victimization and peer-reported bullying.

  • b Some data were missing for national origin (n = 123), age at bullying assessment (n = 607), maternal educational level (n = 705), single parenthood (n = 689), and presence of siblings (n = 797).