Source of Questions for Y6FU to IFPSII

TopicSource of Questions
 Child health; asthmaNSCH, custom analysis of 20 most frequent reasons children 6–7 y old visited physician offices in 2008 (National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey), NHIS, NHANES
 Child food allergy and food intolerancesIFPSII, Food Safety Survey, new questions
 Child wt and heightNew questions, IFPSII
 Perceived child overweight; parent’s desired wt for childChild Feeding Questionnaire,3 adapted from NHANES
 Dental cariesNSCH, new questions
 Psychosocial developmentNSCH, NHIS, Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire,4 new questions
 Physical developmentNSCH, new questions
 Food and beverage consumptionNHANES diet screener, IFPSII, Harvard Children’s Nutrition Questionnaire, new questions
 Maternal height and wtIFPSII
Potential confounders
 Child care arrangementsNSCH, revised
 School arrangementsNew questions
 Cognitive stimulation at homeAdapted from HOME questionnaire5
 Dental hygieneNew questions
 Physical activity of childNSCH, new questions
 Physical activity of motherNHIS
 Screen timeNSCH, new questions
 Sleep patternsNew questions
 Food and eating environmentYouth Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey
 Child eating behaviorChildren’s Eating Behaviour Questionnaire6
 Maternal control of child’s eatingChild Feeding Questionnaire3
 Presence of petsNew questions
 Exposure to inhaled contaminants other than cigarette smokeNew questions
 Family medical historyIFPSII, new questions
 Maternal depressionCenter for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale, NHANES (10 item)7
 Exposure to cigarettesIFPSII
 Pregnancies subsequent to sample childNational Maternal and Infant Health Survey Follow-Up, new questions
 Maternal employmentIFPSII, new questions
 Health insuranceNew questions
 Participation in government nutrition programsNSCH
  • NSCH, National Survey of Children's Health; NHANES, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey; NHIS, National Health Interview Survey; HOME, Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment.